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"Grave Disturbances" CD
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Posthumous release from this hellish, trend-crushing australian Black / Thrash Metal force featuring all their demos, EP's and official live tape with killer cover versions of cult acts such as TYRUS, ARMOURED ANGEL, MOTORHEAD, W.A.R. and UNPURE!. For fans of VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SODOM, HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH, ORDER FROM CHAOS, CELTIC FROST...


Atomic Metal Power Demo - Dec '98
1. Atomic Metal Power
2. Blasphemy...
3. Now That's Fuckin' Evil

Atomizer Promo - Jan '00
4. Somebody's Gonna Die Tonight
5. Blacker Than Ever (Unpure)

Gimme Natural Selection 7" - April '01
6. Gimme Natural Selection
7. I Wish You Were A Beer (Cycle Sluts)
8. DMDA In The Raw
9. The Ace of Spades (Motorhead)

Atomizer/Root 7" '02
Atomizer Side Only
10. And The Hunt Starts Again

Tyrus: The Doom War Of The Armoured Angel 7" '02
11. Intro: Oriax
12. Thy Blood Eterne (Armoured Angel)
13. Cold Steel, Warm Death (Tyrus)
14. Bullet In The Head (W.A.R)

Barbaric Onslaught - Australian Metal Attack Comp LP '03
15. When I Die I Wanna Die Violently

Atomizer Live 04.09.1999
16. Atomic Metal Power
17. The End Of Forever
18. Now That's Fuckin' Evil
19. The Ace of Spades (Motorhead)


released June 22, 2012

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